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Shore to Please Services

What we do

To ensure availability, book early. All major credit cards are accepted with a 3% service fee. Cash is always welcomed.   

Shore to Please I Beach Rentals I Snacks at the Beach I Point Pleasant, NJ


Around the Fire

Enjoy a relaxing evening around a 30 inch Solo Stove with a nearly smokeless fire.  Four hour rental includes delivery and pick up, tinder, and smores charcuterie board for twelve.




Snacks at the Beach

The beach definitely makes you hungry, but who has the motivation to make a bunch of snacks?  Let us do the work.  Indulge in a charcuterie board filled with a selection of assorted artisanal cheese, mixed gourmet meat, mixed nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits, and crackers without ever leaving your beach setup. Our concierge team will deliver your order directly to your spot on the sand, allowing you to savor every moment of relaxation!!


small serves 3 to 6 people


 medium serves 7 to 10 people

large serves 10 to 15 people     


Shore to Please I Beach Rentals I Snacks at the Beach I Point Pleasant, NJ
Shore to Please I Beach Rentals I Snacks at the Beach I Point Pleasant, NJ

**Set Up and Take Down (requires one week notice)

$65 per day


$55 per day

Beach Chair and Cabana Rental

So much time and energy is wasted packing all your gear then schlepping it to the  beach. Schlep no more.  Rent our beach chairs and Coolcabanas. Add the option of having us set up and tear down. We arrive in the morning and bring your chairs and cabana and set up at the perfect spot.  We return in the afternoon and take it down.


Tommy Bahama beach chair

$10 per day

8 x 8 CoolCabana Rental   

$40 per day

Package: Two Tommy Bahama chairs and one CoolCabana 

Additional beach chairs

$8 each

One Week Package: Four Tommy Bahama chairs and one CoolCabana 

$190 per week

One Week Package: Six Tommy Bahama chairs and one CoolCabana 

$250 per week

*Wonder Wheeler Beach Gear Cart 

$45 per week


For the Active Beachgoers

For those tired of being a beach bum enjoy delivery and pick up of game package which includes: regulation-size cornhole set, Giant Jenga, yard dice, and Spikeball game set.

1 day


2 days


3 days


4 days


One Week


Shore to Please I Beach Rentals I Snacks at the Beach I Point Pleasant, NJ
Shore to Please I Beach Rentals I Snacks at the Beach I Point Pleasant, NJ



No need to schlep your cornhole boards to your rental.  Delivery and pick up of regulation size cornhole sets and bean bags.

1 Day Rental


2 Day Rental


3 Day Rental


4 Day Rental


Week Rental


One Day Tournament Rental includes 4 cornholes sets and bean bags



Porter Service

Arrival: There is nothing more exciting than arriving at your vacation destination.  Suddenly you realize you have to do the dreadful unpacking.  Let us help you get your vacation started sooner than later through our porter service.  We show up at your arrival and unload your car.  All gear and equipment will be put away at the location of your choice.  This will not only save you time, but also from back aches!


Departure: The worst part about vacation is it ending and having to pack up.  We can make this process quick and painless.  We show up at your departure time and pack up your vehicle in a professional manner.





Arrival and Departure


car packing and unpacking for your vacation by shore to please
cleaning beach house


Tidy Up

When on vacation the last thing you want to do is clean.  And yes, those houses get quite dirty with people in and out.  We do all the dirty work.  Tidying up includes: wiping down counters, emptying and refilling dishwasher, make beds, take out trash and recycling, laundering beach and bath towels, and straightening up the entire house.


$120 three hour tidy


Grocery Shopping, Delivery, and Put Away

Don’t waste precious vacation time getting your house ready for the week. Allow us to do all your grocery and beverage shopping as well as unpack and put away.  Everything will be ready to go!

You order. We pick up and deliver.


We shop and deliver.


We shop, deliver, and put away.

*Extra large orders are subject to an upcharge.


ice and food delivery by Shore to Please
Shore to Please I Beach Rentals I Snacks at the Beach I Point Pleasant, NJ


Server, Griller, and Bartenders

Hosting a party can be a lot of work for the host leaving little time to actually enjoy the event.  Our services allow you to be present and enjoy your family and friends instead of spending time serving and cleaning.

$40 per hour with four hour minimum

* Holidays $50 per hour with four hour minimum



Beach Butler

You bought all this food, but who feels like cooking during vacation?  Let our beach butler do all the work!  Using your groceries, we will cook breakfast, lunch, and snacks as well as clean up.  Want to enjoy it on the beach?  We will bring it to you.  Want drinks brought to you down the beach but don’t feel like getting up.  Your beach butler is there for you.


$40 per hour with three hour minimum

beach butler by Shore to Please.  Bring you drinks to the beach.


Trash Removal

Weekly trash removal twice a week


Weekly trash removal once a week


trash removal at your beach rental by Shore to Please
Shore to Please I Beach Rentals I Snacks at the Beach I Point Pleasant, NJ


Handicap Wheelchair

Everyone deserves to have access to the beach. This is now possible with the all terrain beach chair.


$65 per day 

$275 per week

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